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Сезон 2 | Эпизод 01 | "The Core of It" (Суть)

A woman has a vision of a man running through the streets. He beats someone with an ashtray in a hotel room. He then leaves and washes the blood of his hands in a dirty faucet.

The next day, a promoter introduces Cal to a crowd at a bookstore. Cal tells the crowd that he can tell when someone is lying, but he is more interested in is why. Later, Cal signs books. A woman named Trisha asks Cal to believe her. She says that she saw a murder in a psychic vision. Cal looks in Trisha's eye and sees she is telling the truth.

At the Lightman building, Gillian tells Cal she is depressed since her divorce, but he thinks she is happy. Cal tells Gillian about Trisha. Gillian believes they are too busy to work with Trisha since they have to vet a Supreme Court nominee. Trisha says she saw a man in Room 202 of a hotel kill someone with an ashtray. She says that she remembers the hotel had a devil logo. Cal tells Gillian Trisha needs help and nobody else believes her. Cal meets with Ben who introduces him to Judge Simon. Cal tells Simon that Ria Torres will tell him if he is a lying son of a b****. Ben tells Cal that the president specifically asked for him to vet Simon. Ben says that his a** is on the line. Zoe meets with Cal and tells him that she is going to move to Chicago to work at a law firm. Zoe asks her to be happy for her. Cal figures that Zoe wants to take Emily to Chicago with her.

Cal looks for Trisha and finds that she has left the building. Cal searches for a hotel with a devil logo. He asks the clerk for a room, then steals the key to room 202. Cal calls Ben and he sees that there is blood on the wall. Ben tells him that if there is no body, there is no crime.

Ria meets with Simon. He expected to be vetted by an expert and asks how old she is. She asks him if he cheated on his wife Celia. He says no and that he was never interested in any woman other than his wife. Ria sees that he is uncomfortable with her because of her age. Simon says that the idea that she stands between him and a seat on the Supreme Court bothers him.

Cal spots Trisha dressed like a prostitute enter the hotel room. She says that her name is Jesse. Cal pays and asks her to meet some friends of his. Cal brings Trisha/Jesse to the institute. Eli plays video taken from the institute that shows Trisha transform into her new personality. In the video, she let her hair down and walked out of the building. Eli says that the handwriting of the two personalities are completely different. They suspect Jesse committed a murder and ask her. Gillian wonders how Jesse feels about hypnosis.

Ria goes through the court cases that Simon ruled on and sees that he is uncomfortable about a case involving a rapist. Ria asks if he had a personal relationship with the victim, a woman named Nicole. Simon tells her to move on.

Gillian puts Jesse under hypnosis and asks about Trisha. Jesse says that Trisha thinks she is perfect. She says that Gavin likes Jesse better. Gillian asks to speak to Trisha. She switches personality and wonders what she is doing there. Gillian asks Trisha about Gavin. Trisha says that another personality, a man named RJ, protects them. Gillian asks Trisha to be herself. She wakes up, starts to panic, and tries to leave. Gillian tells Trisha that she is safe, but she says that her name is Sophie.

Cal introduces himself to Sophie. Sophie says her other personalities stole her life. She asks if she did anything wrong. Cal tells Sophie that Trisha went to him for help. Sophie tries to escape and says that no one can help her. Gillian says that there is a murderer out there who may know who she is. Gillian asks her if she knows Gavin. Sophie says that Gavin is her brother. She says that she doesn't see him, but Jesse does.

Ria plays a press conference video showing Nicole after Simon presided over her rape case. Ria says that when Nicole talks about Simon, it appears like she has feelings towards him. Ria says that Nicole died a while ago. Ria shows still shots of other women who had affairs with men including Bill Clinton and Jon Gosslin. She says that Nicole is giving Simon the same face the mistresses gave.

Cal and Gillian take Sophie to Gavin's house. He instantly recognizes his real sister's personality. He says that their grandfather did evil things to Sophie. Gavin says that Jesse visits him often, but he hasn't seen Sophie in months. They go to the back shed where Gavin says Jesse crashes at. While they walk around, Cal sees that Gavin is holding his breath, which makes it appear that he is hiding something. Cal lifts a floorboard and finds a wallet with the ID of a man named Kyle. Cal goes to Kyle's house and shows him the wallet. He asks where he got it as he tries to grab it. Cal says that he is investigating a murder and sees that he is not a murderer. Kyle says that two working girls robbed him downtown. Kyle's wife comes out to find out what is going on. Cal tells her that she should get herself tested since Kyle like to have unprotected sex with hookers.

Gillian tells Cal that she suspects RJ of murder. Cal says that RJ could have protected them. They figure that they can get the truth by talking to RJ. Sophie says that she wants to be herself. Emily walks in to talk to her dad. Cal says that something has come up with her mom. Ben barges in and tells Cal that they found the body of a prostitute named Amber who is known to work at the hotel. He says the police want to talk to Sophie. Cal tells Emily that they will talk later.

Cal takes Sophie into his office and locks the door. He tells Sophie that he is sorry and asks her to take her clothes off. He grabs Sophie's neck and tells her that she is going to kill her. Gillian and Ben try to break down the door then run off to get the master key. Sophie transforms into another personality and starts to beat Cal. The team get in and handcuff Sophie. Cal asks RJ to tell him who killed Amber. Gillian tells Cal that since RJ is the protector, he never needed to talk.

As the police load Sophie into the squad car, Cal asks for one minute with her. He gets in the car and says he knows she showed Trisha a little of what happened. He says he knows he can't tell him, but can show Trisha everything. She changes into another personality and tells him she knows who killed Amber.

Cal meets with Simon and asks him why he had sex with Nicole. He says that he didn't. He says that Nicole met with him everyday. He says that there were inappropriate feelings which resulted in a kiss. He says that his behavior was unethical, but it didn't affect the sentencing. Cal tells him that he believes him. Simon says that he would withdraw his name as a nominee. Ria asks Cal why he put her on the case. Cal tells Ria that she is on the way to be being the world's leading expert on lying. He tells her to get herself out of the mindset of thinking of herself as a baggage screener.

Later, Sophie goes to hotel clerk and tells him that she thought he would be in jail by now. In a van, the team listens to Sophie through a bug. Sophie tells the clerk that she knows he killed Amber and has a wallet with blood and his fingerprints on it. The clerk gets into Sophie's face and demands the wallet. Cal coaches Sophie into remaining in her personality. The clerk admits to the murder. Cal signals the team to move in the hotel. The police arrests the clerk.

Later, Cal meets with Zoe as she packs up her stuff. Cal gives her a check to buy her out of the Lightman group. He tells her to use the money to start her own firm so he can be close to his daughter.

The next day, Cal watches the news as Simon withdraws himself as a nominee. Gillian tells Cal that she is angry that he is jeopardizing the finances of the company because of the check he wrote to Zoe.

This episode was much better than any episode last season. It seems like the cases were a lot more focused, which makes it more enjoyable to watch. The only thing that bothers me is the entire premise of the show. I hope I get over it and just accept the idea that this institute operates. I hope they detail the financial side of the business in future episodes.

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