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Сезон 2 | Эпизод 02 | "Truth or Consequences" (Правда или результат)

A party rages on at a frat house. A girl named Susan flirts with a football player named Cabe McNeil. He brings the Susan to his room where he takes off her clothes. The next morning, a fan asks Cabe for a autograph. A friend of Cabe's asks him if the girl he was with was freaky. A female officer arrives and tells Cabe that he is under arrest for statutory rape.

At the Lightman Institute, Zoe tells Cal about her client Cabe McNeil who was charged with statutory rape. She says that Susanl had a fake ID and got herself into a frat party. Zoe says that if they can prove that Cabe thought that the girl was of age, they can reduce or have the charges dropped. Cal says that he will disclose what he finds to both her and the prosecution.

Cabe is brought to room where Zoe sees that he has been beaten. The guard tells her that it is common for prisoners who touch girls to get beaten. Cal questions Cabe while Ria and Cabe's father watches. Cal asks Cabe if he likes having sex with little girls. Cabe says that he thought that the girl was in college. Cabe's dad barges in the room and tells Cabe that they will bail him out. Cabe admits that he knew that high school girls crash the party, but didn't seek them out. The girl's father confronts Cabe in a parking lot and tells him that he is a rapist. Cal defends Cabe and tells him that he knows that he is angry. He tells him to go home.

Gillian and Eli visit a man named Jamie who runs a religious compound. Gillian says she has a court order to observe how his compound is run for three days. She is there to determine if all of followers sincerely believe in his religion in order to qualify for tax exempt status. Gillian says that she knows that he has 30 different buildings in his property listed as churches which red flags him as a fraud. Jamie tells Gillian and Eli that the boys of the church are encouraged to leave the compound when they turn 16. He says that 12 of the kids there are his children. He says that God communicates through him. The man asks them to stay and attend his sermon.

At home, Cal asks Emily about Susan since she goes to the same school that she does. She confesses that she goes to bars to listen to the music. Cal asks how she gets in and sees that she is protecting her drawer. He searches and finds a fake ID hidden in some clothes. He takes the IDs, searches more and finds birth control pills. Zoe walks in and asks what she missed. Cal tells Emily that there is consequences for her going to parties and using the pills. Zoe says that there are also consequences for her not using them. Emily gets upset that her father read her. Zoe tells Cal that some of Emily's friends are already having sex. Zoe asks Cal not to put her fears onto Emily.

Cal shows Cabe photos of girls and asks him if he finds them attractive. Later, Cal tells Cabe's parents and the staff that Cabe was attracted to woman who he said was 15 even though she was actually 22. Cal says that Cabe's reactions are normal. Cal announces that he believes Cabe when he says that he would not knowingly have sex with an underage girl.

Gillian and Eli look over video tape of Jamie's sermon. Gillian says that Jamie compares himself to Buddha. He says that he thinks that the messages are believed by most of the attendees except possibly by one family.

Pollack the prosecutor informs Cal and Zoe that Cabe secretly recorded having sex with the girl then distributed the video online. He says that they are now going to charge Cabe with three felonies. Pollack states that Susan swears that she told Cabe how old she was. Pollack tells Zoe that her case is falling apart. Zoe tells Pollack that he thinks he treats black defendants differently.

Back at the institute, Cal asks Cabe why he made the film. Cabe denies that he did or that he knew that Susan was 16. Ria calls Cal to the observation room and plays back the tape which focuses on Cal. Ria says that Cal is losing control of his emotions. Ria suggests to talk to Cabe. Cal says that he thinks that Cabe is telling the truth.

Cal goes to the frat house during a party and insists that he used to live there. Ria asks around and determines that three guys showed signed of arousal when voyeuristic topics came up.

At the compound, Gillian and Eli visit with Katherine and ask her if she is a true believer. Gillian sees that the children can't read. Gillian tells Eli that the kids are not being treated well. Gillian introduces herself to Katherine's son, Zack. He tells them that his mom doesn't believe in Jamie's teaching. He says that she is afraid that Jamie will take her family away from her if she leaves.

Back at the frat house, Ria is brought to a bedroom by three boys. Cal walks in and asks the boys which one of them made the sex tape. Ria reads the boys and figures that the person who recorded Susan and Cabe is a boy named Wayne. Wayne shows Ria and Cal the camera he says that he didn't make the film, but found it then posted the video online. Cal looks at the camera and sees Emily in a video hanging out with two girls.

Later, Cal, Zoe and Ria confront Emily about the video. Emily says that she wasn't at the party. She shows them the date which indicates the video of her with the girls was taken days before Susan went to the frat house. Emily says that the other girls on the video are popular seniors. Emily says that she has never gone with the girls to the frat house.

Gillian asks Katherine if she thinks that Jamie is a prophet. Katherine says that she was a 19 year old drug user when she met Jamie. She says Jamie helped her get clean. Back at the institute, Eli tells Gillian that Katherine's house is registered as a church even though she is not a true believer. Gillian says that she wants the government to save the children. Eli tells her that they should only do their job to investigate tax fraud.

Cal and Ria visit Kate and Doreen, the girls on the video, and tell them that they have their camera. Ria says that they know they filmed Susan when she was with Cabe. The girls says that Susan recorded the video herself. She says that they made a pact that their first time that they would have sex with college boys would be when they still were in high school. Doreen gave Susan the camera to provide them proof. She says that after Susan had sex, she ran out of the room and forgot the camera. Cal tells the girls that the police will want to talk to them. Cal orders them to stay away from Emily.

Later, Cal visits Mr. Reed. He says that he can't believe that he is defending Cabe. Cal asks Susan to tell her dad the truth.

Gillian and Eli go to Katherine's house and sees that Jamie is also there. He says that he called the IRS and they assured him that they will not overstep their bounds. Jamie tells Gillian that he knows that she likes kids, but doesn't have kids of her own. He says that Zack is his son. He says that he can help her conceive in the compound with prayer. Gillian says she doesn't want his help. Jamie tells them to gather their things and leave.

At the institute, Pollack tells Mr. Reed and the team that he is going to drop all charges against Cabe. Mr. Reed protests the decision. Pollack says that Cabe thought Susan was of age. Mr. Reed gets upset and asks the prosecutor to do his job. Pollack explains that Susan went to the party with the intent to have sex.

Pollack congratulates Zoe on her good work. Cal sees that Mr. Reed is angry and asks him not to go after Cabe.

Meanwhile, Eli and Gillian ask Katherine if she is ready to leave. She says that she called Safehouse which is a non-profit for battered women that will take her to escape. Zack tells Katherine that he is going with or without her and gets into a van. Katherine thanks Gillian and also gets in the van. Jamie orders Katherine not to leave, but the van speeds off.

Later, an IRS agent asks Gillian why she let Katherine leave. She says that she didn't call for the van. The agent asks Eli if he wants to add anything and he says that Gillian's story is accurate. The agent tells Gillian that the institute will be watched.

Gillian is called to the video room. Cal tells her that he thinks that Mr. Reed is going to try to hurt Cabe. They play the tape again where Mr. Reed says that the system has to make someone pay. Gillian figures that Mr. Reed is going to go after Pollack. Meanwhile at his house, Pollack opens his door to Mr. Reed who shoots him dead.

Later, the team watches as Mr. Reed is arrested. Ria and Cal see that Mr. Reed looks like he is at peace.

Later, Cal visits Emily. She says that she is thinking about Susan since her mom is dead and her father is going to prison. She says that Susan doesn't have any family. Cal tells Emily that they can't predict consequences to some actions. Cal returns her birth control pills. Emily apologizes and gives her dad a hug. He tells her to be good and that he loves her.

My problem with Cabe's case is the use of Cal's institute. A good prosecutor would exploit Zoe and Cal's relationship. Since they used to be married and have a child together, I would point out a conflict of interest. With this implied, I would go after Cal's credibility as an expert witness. I don't think that a lie detector is necessary to win Zoe's case. A private detective would have sufficed in putting the facts together. The use of testimony provided by Cal and his team that can be easily be disregarded by a jury seems like a bad opening move.

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