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Сезон 2 | Эпизод 04 | "Honey"

Cal goes to a party. He introduces himself as a courier to a woman who later walks away. Gillian calls him and tells him about a case to help look for a man named Eric Masterson, who is suspected of murdering his wife. A woman sits down with Cal and introduces herself as a curator. Cal says he might be old fashioned but wants fidelity in relationships. The woman says she never strays. He rejoins the party and gets a card from a woman he was flirting with earlier. He leaves and gets into his car.

Ria goes to a house and asks a woman named Gwen if she knows where her brother Eric is. She says Eric's wife Connie was her best friend. Ria asks if there is anything else she wants to talk about, but she says nothing. Ria returns to her car and finds Eric in the backseat of the car. He figures the cops were at his house. He points a gun at her head and orders her to drive.

Cal returns to the Lightman Institute and tells a client after his investigation, he figures his wife never violated his prenuptial clause. After the clients leave, Gillian tells Cal he needs to take cases like that since he had the company buy out his ex-wife out of the company. Eric arrives with Ria as his hostage. He demands that the team prove he didn't kill his wife. He shoots and misses a man who escapes. Cal sees he is not playing around. Eric announces if the cops show up, he will start killing people. Cal says he is the owner of the institute. He suggests he go to his office where they can watch the office. As Cal leads Eric to his office, he orders Gillian not to contact the police. Gillian tells Ria to call Ben.

In the office, Cal asks Eric why he didn't go to the police if he knows who killed his wife. Eric says he knows Cal has a talent of telling who is lying. Eric asks him if he believes him when he says he didn't kill his wife. Cal says he does. He asks him who he thinks killed his wife.

Meanwhile, Ben arrives at the institute. He says it is a felony not to report a crime. Cal calls Gillian and asks her to come to his office. Gillian tells Ben that Eric will kill Cal if they don't do what Eric wants. Ben says he will hold off reporting the incident on one condition.

Gillian enters Cal's office. He asks her to interview a man named Tom McHenry who Eric suspects was having an affair with his wife. Gillian admits that Ben is there. Cal explains that Ben is a federal agent.

Ria blames herself for their situation. Gillian and Eli meet with McHenry, Connie's former boss. He says he had to let Connie go since he was convinced that he was having an affair with her. Gillian asks McHenry to be taped during an interview.

Back in the office, Cal tells Eric he is not married anymore. Eric asks Cal if he has a relationship with Gillian or Ria. He says neither, but Eric doesn't believe him. Cal asks him if he has a job and he says he doesn't. Eric thinks that Cal is judging him. He says he is projecting guilt and wonders why he is taking him hostage. Eric tells Cal that Gillian has half an hour to return.

Later, Gillian and Eli return. Ria regrets she didn't lock her car at Gwen's house. Ben says he thinks Eric killed his wife. Ben convinces Gillian to bring Eric to a room where he can see them. Eric leads Cal to a video room. They pass through Ben who has his hands raised.

Cal plays a video of McHenry. Eric asks him if he is lying. Cal pauses the tape after McHenry is asked if he killed Connie and tells Eric he doesn't think he did it. Cal asks McHenry what is really going on. Eric admits he borrowed some money from a friend. Cal figures Eric killed his wife when she confronted him about the money. Eric presses his gun against Cal's head and insists he didn't kill her. Cal demands to know who his friend's name is. Eric says his name is Danny Perbelka.

Ben meets with Danny at a restaurant and ask him about the money he loaned to Eric. Danny says he was in Atlantic City when Connie was killed. He admits he set up a loan for Eric, but it wasn't him who held the loan note. Ben threatens to talk to his parole officer if he doesn't talk.

Later, Ria updates Cal on Ben's progress. She says the man that provided the money is named Mike. Connie found out about the loan and met with Mike. Gillian and Ben spot Mike at a business. Gillian tries to convince Ben to bust him, but Ben says it would alert the Feds. Gillian decides to put on extra makeup and enters the bar. She asks Mike if he knows how to fix a flat.

Cal asks Eric if he knew if Connie went to Mike. He asks him if he ever figured his wife's death was connected to his loan. Cal says he knows he feels guilty. Cal asks him what he is trying to gain by holding him hostage. Cal says he will testify for him if he agrees to put the gun down. Just before Eric hands over the gun, he sees two officers at the door. He grabs Cal and tells him there shouldn't be any cops there.

Ria opens the door to greet the police officers and is told there was a report of an armed man. The officers walk through the building. Ria explains the employee who reported the disturbance was fired that day and probably trying to get revenge. Ria lets them into the video room where they find Cal. He tells the police there is no problem. The police figure the call was a false alarm, then leave.

Later, Ben and Gillian return with Mike. They ask him about Connie. He explains he loaned money to Eric through Connie's friend. They see something is off. Ria suspects Eric's sister Gwen knows something.

Ria goes to Gwen's house. Gwen explains that Connie wanted to borrow a recorder. Connie told her she had a fling with Mike even though they were both married.

Gillian explains to Mike that she thinks Connie was offered another way to take care of Eric's debt. She figures that Connie recorded his conversation with him and threatened to bring it to his wife. Gillian shares her suspicion that Mike looked for the tape at her house, but ended up killing her.

Gillian tells Eric that Mike sexually blackmailed Connie. Cal says he is sorry for what happened. Eric asks for five minutes alone with Mike. Cal says he can't let that happen, just before he is pistol whipped. Cal tells Eric the way to honor Connie is to live his life. Eric points his gun and threatens to shoot Cal if they don't bring Mike to him. Eli says he has an idea.

Cal goes to the door and unlocks it for Gillian. She tells Eric he will only be given five minutes with Mike then leaves to grab him. Ben, Ria and Eli, who is posing as Mike, walk in the room. Eli tells Eric his wife wanted him to tell him something before she died. Ben uses the distraction to shoot Eric in the arm. Cal runs out of the room. Ben announces he will report the incident.

Later, Cal has drinks with a woman he met at the party. She asks him what he does. He says he tries to help people. She asks him if he would like to go up to her hotel room. Cal says he shouldn't be there, then leaves. He goes to Gillian's house and informs her about Mike's confession. He apologizes for running out on her at the institute. He gives her control of the cases and says he is willing to take the small jobs. He asks her if he can sleep in her spare bedroom. She says of course, gives him a hug, then lets him inside.

I thought that this was the best episode this season. Eric was well played by Terminator alumni Garret Dillahunt. He plays a the desperate man very well. He was also good in Last House to the Left. One unbelievable thing in this episode was the beginning. Not even one minute after he entered the party there was a woman who hit on him. Tim Roth is known for many things, but hunky female appeal is not one of them. I think it would be more realistic if the party was held under the bridge.

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