Сериал Теория лжи / Обмани меня / Lie to me
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Сезон 2 | Эпизод 05 | "Grievous Bodily Harm"

Cal is surrounded by a group of men. One of the men says Cal has been playing him, pulls out a gun then shoots him twice in the abdomen. Cal falls on to the ground.

The show jumps 28 hours earlier. Cal asks Gillian if she is dating someone. Ria says that Sally Robinson from London is waiting in his office. Cal is confused then discovers an old friend from London named Terry in his office.

Cal and Terry go out to a bar to have drinks. Terry says he wanted to meet with him several times earlier, but had second thoughts. He says they should consider what they did as water under the bridge. Terry takes Cal to a parlor full of people drinking. He points Cal to a back room and convinces him to play poker since he is down 12 grand. Terry enters the room and introduces Cal to the men as his friend Harry.

Ben tells Gillian that Terry has a criminal record.

Back in the institute, a dean for a private school, Mr. Anders, shows the team a violent video he found on his desk. He asks them to go to the school and find who sent the tape. Ria goes to the school and plays the tape in front of a class while the team records the student's reactions. A voice on the tape says they will all be sorry and the pain will stop. Ria watches the class as the tape plays.Back in the parlor, Cal wins more than 95 grand. Lance suspects Terry and Cal are working a scheme together. Cal tells Lance that Terry is even and he should keep the change. Cal gets in a cab and leaves Terry.

Ben tells Cal he knows that Terry has a record of violence. Cal says he is tired and hung over. Ben says he knows he was in a room full of prostitutes. Cal figures he was followed.

The team watches the video. They see two girls acting suspicious. One of the girl looks at another male student. After Cal goes into his office, he finds that Terry is there. Terry tells Cal that the gamblers know what he does for a living and are not happy. He says they want to use him and if he doesn't work for them, he will be killed.

Later, Cal tells Ben that Terry is in his office. Ben says Lance is a dangerous criminal. Cal says that he considers Terry as part of his family and asks for help. Cal says Lance sent Terry to get him, which means he is probably desperate. Gillian sees that there is something wrong with Cal, but he says it is nothing. Cal meets with some class mates and asks who made the video. A student named Jared admits he made it. Cal asks him what his plan is.

In the interrogation room, Gillian asks Jared how he made the video and who he sent it to. The team realizes that Jared didn't make the video. Eli realizes that Jared interrupted and is covering for a student named Stacey.

Cal asks Terry what is going on. Terry admits he broke in a mobster's house. Terry says he doesn't know what Lance wants.

Gillian tells Jared she knows he didn't make the video. She tells him she needs to talk to Stacey. Ria tells Gillian that Cal is not answering his phone.

Ben follows Cal to a office building. Cal meets with Lance and warns him that he doesn't come cheap. Lance brings him to a room full of men that are tied up and tells him he has three minutes to tell him which one of them is a government informant. After Cal looks over the men, he tells Lance he is a liar. Lance's bodyguard punches Cal. Cal explains that none of them are informers. Cal suspects that Terry told Lance what he for a living long before he met Lance.

Gillian asks Stacey what she thinks about Jasmine, another student. Stacey admits that Jasmine is mean to her especially during PE class. She says that she wants revenge on Jasmine, but doesn't want her to die. Eli and Ria figure that Stacey is telling the truth.

Cal discovers that Terry and Lance knew each other for a long time and talk about him. Lance tells Cal he is going to meet with a man to see if he can do business with him. Cal tells Lance to look out the window for an FBI agent. Lance tells his bodyguard to change the meeting to take place at the warehouse.

Gillian meets with Jasmine. She says she teased Stacey at first, but it got out of control. She explains that other people got involved in the bullying. Jasmine says if Stacey made the video, it is because of her. Ria looks for Stacey and finds her unconscious in the bathroom next to a bottle of pills . Gillian realizes that the person who made the video didn't want to harm someone, but wanted to kill themself.

After Ben sees someone being loaded into a van, he orders his driver to follow it. Later, an SUV pulls up next to the building.

Stacey is brought to the hospital and her parents are informed of her situation. Meanwhile, the SUV takes Cal, Terry and Lance to a warehouse. Lance locks them in a room. Cal asks Terry if they are ever going to get even. Terry says he did three years in jail for him. Terry says he hasn't heard from him in twenty years and figures he wanted to bury his past. Elsewhere, Ben follows the men to a garage and realizes Cal is not there.

Cal is brought to meet with a man named Mr. Jones. Jones says that the counterfeit money he has is flawless. Cal analyzes Jones and compares him to Colin Powell who was just a messenger. Lance asks Cal if Jones is telling the truth. Cal says Jones is not lying, but he doesn't know how good the money is. Lance brings Cal and Terry to a room then later asks Cal to come with him alone. Cal says he will not leave without Terry. Cal meets with the counterfeiter who has a box of cash. Cal asks the man what his first name is and sees that he is already lying. Lance's bodyguard arrives and says Cal was right about the FBI and he took care of it. The counterfeiter says he tested the money and it wasn't detected.

At the hospital, Stacey recovers. She tells the team that his teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald, started the bullying by calling her fat and lazy. Eli tells Fitzgerald that he had a coach like him that made him feel like he had the license to make fun of another kid. Stacey admits she sent the video to Fitzgerald in which it was later turned to the dean. Stacey tells him he knew the tape meant she wanted to kill herself. Ria tells Fitzgerald he is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Cal tells Lance that the counterfeiter has no confidence that the money is passable. The counterfeiter says he knows the money is good. Lance's bodyguard says he thinks Cal is playing them, then shoots him in the abdomen. Ben appears from above with a FBI team and shoots the bodyguard after he points his gun at him. The rest of the criminals surrender. After the men are taken away, Cal stops faking he is dead and asks the bodyguard how he lied to him. He says he had practice. The bodyguard gets up and introduces himself as a special agent. He asks when he realized he was undercover and he says he knew during the poker game. Cal asks Ben to let Terry go. Cal punches Terry and says he can't believe he tried to play him. He tells him not to treat him like a moron. Terry realizes that Cal saw his plan and went through it. Terry says he thinks he is his best friend. Cal tells Terry he owes him now. Cal tells Terry to leave him alone.

Cal returns to the institute and finds all his staff waiting for him. They tell Cal that they he needs an intervention. Gillian tells Cal he needs to trust them. He fires them, tells them he is kidding, then sarcastically says the intervention worked very well. Gillian admits the intervention was her idea. Cal says that he got in trouble with Terry and he took the fall for both of them. He says that he owed Terry a lot and his actions recent shouldn't be counted against him.

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