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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 03 | "Perfect score" (Высшая оценка)

Cal talks to his daughter on the phone. He asks what she is doing later and she says she is going to sleep over at her friend's house. Cal asks if Gillian noticed that his daughter was lying. Gillian tells Cal to let his daughter have her own secrets.

Cal is approached with the case of the daughter of a judge that was murdered. They learn that the judge said she was alone in her chamber, but no one can verify. The team is asked to proceed cautiously since she is a presidential appointee. Cal and Ria meet with Judge Stark. She asks if they are going to help find her daughter's killer. Cal asks her to tell him about her happiest memory with her daughter. She says she doesn't understand his question. He then asks how she felt when she found out her daughter was dead. The judge says she can't talk about it and it was the worst day of her life.

Ria and Cal study the judge's reactions while she talked about her daughter. They play back the judge talking about how important Danielle's friends were to her. Cal shows footage of a woman who lied about killing her children and points out that their faces and vocal inflections are the same.

Ria tells Cal that Judge Stark asked for a brief recess for her daughter's funeral, then she would agree to talk to them. Cal says he needs to watch the judge at the funeral. Emily is then brought in and Cal learns she was busted at a party. He tells her that she will have to go to his office everyday after school until her mother gets home.

Ria and Cal arrive at Danielle's funeral. Cal asks Ria for a piece of gum. Cal notices Judge Stark's tears are real. Cal chews the gum for a moment, then sticks the gum on a lamp. The bulb bursts and Cal watches the judge's reaction. He sees that her forehead didn't move and thinks she used Botox. Cal says that he thinks if she killed her daughter, she would have displayed shame. Cal says they need to look for someone else as the killer.

Gillian and Eli investigate the case of a plane crash where the pilot is believed to be lying about the crash. Gillian asks why they think the pilot is lying. They are told that the pilot's father was a Russian spy and the pilot is suspended pending the outcome of their investigation. Eli and Gillian meet with the pilot. He tells them he doesn't know what happened. Gillian asks if he blacked out. He says he was conscious, but everything got fuzzy. Gillian asks the pilot about his father. He asks if she thinks he crashed the plane on purpose. He says he loves this country. He then says he wanted to be an astronaut more than anything and he did not intentionally crash the plane.

Cal watches Danielle's friends talk at the funeral. Cal notices one girl talking about how they were going to go to Princeton together. Ria notices that the girl is very popular. Cal says the more popular, the better the liar. Cal says her face was asymmetrical. Ria says that it means the emotions were not heart felt. Cal and Ria meet with the girl, Riley. Cal asks why she faked being sad. Riley says she was just shocked by Danielle's death. Cal says she wasn't shocked at all. Riley then says Danielle was into hardcore stuff. She says Danielle was hanging out with some loser. Riley's dad then calls Riley into his car. She tells them no to tell her dad she talked to them.

Ria and Cal go to Danielle's school and learn that there is a strict code that would cause a student to be expelled if they commit an infraction. Cal tells the principal to announce that the student's lockers will be searched for drugs. Cal studies the faces of the students as they hear the news. He finds the kid that everyone is afraid to look at and says he needs to speak to him.

Gillian and Eli tell the NASA chief that the pilot seemed to be telling the truth. Gillian says that the pilot could have suffered a hysterical blackout which occurs just before someone takes their own life. She asks if she can watch the video of the crash and his other flight sessions. Gillian notices the pilot had slow quiet speech which means depression. Gillian plays another tape of the pilot and she says that his mood is confident and relaxed. She says that the change happened in the last few weeks.

Emily sees an old picture of her dad overseas and notices that he is baked. Emily says her dad is a hypocrite. Eli tells her that her dad is just afraid of what she is going to get into since she is a teenager.

Cal and Ria talk to the kid. He says his dad is a lawyer and he won't tell them anything. Cal asks the kid what kind of lawyer his dad is, then figures out he is a tax lawyer. Cal asks if he sold Danielle drugs. The kid then admits that he sold MPH to Danielle. Ria says the drug is an ADD drug. The kid says the students take the drug to help them study. The headmistress then tells Cal and Ria they have to stop their investigation. Cal says they're done. Cal then tells Ria that the headmistress is hiding something because she rubbed her own hand.

Ria waits for the headmistress at her car. Ria says she wants to congratulate her for having the school's test scores go through the roof when she took over. The headmistress says she created a reward system that gives the top students entry into the best schools. Ria asks if she can see Danielle's academic records.

Gillian talks to the pilot's wife. She says her husband loved NASA. Gillian asks if David's mood had changed recently. She says that she noticed nothing unusual, but he was under pressure. Eli watches the interview and says David's wife is lying. Gillian and Eli wonder what could have caused the mood change. Gillian suggests he was taking anti-anxiety drugs and may have suffered from withdrawal symptoms. Eli says he'll get NASA to do a tox screen.

Cal tells Emily she did a good job cleaning up his office. Emily apologizes for lying. Emily then says she's only sorry about lying, not about going to the party. Emily says she made tons of friends at the party. Cal asks when she started caring about being popular. Ria walks in and says they have video surveillance that confirms Judge Stark's alibi. Ria then shows Cal Danielle's academic records. Cal sees that Danielle took her college exam test three times. Ria says the first two times she didn't do very well, but the third time she scored in the 94th percentile. Cal wonders what caused the improvement. Ria says Danielle was murdered the day before she took the third test.

Ria finds out that Danielle's teacher was the one who took the test for Danielle. Ria confronts the teacher and says that they can use the essay part of the test to match to her handwriting. Danielle's teacher then admits that she did it for the money. She says she wouldn't have taken the test if she knew Danielle was already dead. The teacher says she and Danielle got into a fight before the test. She says she asked Danielle what percentile she wanted her to get on the test. She says Danielle acted like she had no idea what she was talking about. Cal says he needs to see the tape of the moment Danielle was confronted by her teacher.

Gillian asks Emily if she's okay. Emily says her dad never lets her have any fun. Gillian tells Emily that her dad knew she was lying when she called. Eli then walks in and says the pilot tested positive for the anti-anxiety medication. Eli says the pilot was still using the drug when he crashed. Eli says the altitude and the drug's side effects probably caused the fuzziness. The pilot denies taking the drugs. Gillian realizes that the pilot didn't know he was taking the drugs. They then ask his wife if she was giving him the pills. She says she was just trying to help him. David is upset that he is going to lose his job. His wife says he was so anxious all the time and she was scared. She then asks him how he's been feeling lately. David admits he was feeling better.

Ria and Cal watch the interaction between Danielle and her teacher. They see that Danielle is genuinely surprised. They wonder who would have hired the teacher to take the test for Danielle. Cal then asks the judge about hiring the teacher. She says she just wanted to do what was best for Danielle. She says she only hired the teacher to tutor Danielle, but she was desperate when Danielle's scores didn't improve. Cal asks if her daughter found out and judge Stark says yes. Cal says that if Danielle threatened to expose the cheating, it could have put her at risk. Cal says they need to figure out what other students were cheating.

Cal and Ria see that the teacher also used Riley's student ID to take the test. Ria asks Riley if she has an alibi for Danielle's murder. Cal and Riley's father watch the interview. Riley's dad tells them to stop, then admits he was the one who killed Danielle. He says he couldn't let Danielle ruin his daughter's life. Cal watches the admission of guilt. Riley's dad is then arrested. Cal tells the officer that he doesn't think Riley's dad is guilty.

Cal meets with Riley's dad. He shows him some photos of a clown expressing sadness, then a dog showing joy, then Danielle's crime scene photo. Riley's dad is shocked by the photo. Cal says he saw horror and surprise when he looked at the photo. Cal explains that the real killer would not have shown surprise when seeing the murder victim. Cal tells him that he can't protect his daughter. Riley's dad says he can't let his daughter go to prison. He says he wished she never told him. Riley is then arrested.

This show doesn't feel like it's found it's groove yet. The agency purpose isn't well defined. They are pseudo-detectives, but they have no police authority. They are over the top with their explanations of whether or not they think people are lying so there isn't much mystery. This episode, Cal ran into a problem trying to figure out if the judge was lying because she had used Botox. His whole career is based on making really good guesses based on universal facial similarities, but people treat his word as fact. I'm also bothered by the lack of character development. This episode, Cal spent some more time with his daughter so we got to know his as a dad. The only problem was that Emily had to spend the day at the office, so neither she or Cal was really shown as anything other than what they are at his work.


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