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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 04 | "Love always" (Вечная любовь)

In a Korean Embassy, Cal plays a video showing the assassination of a mayor in Colombia. He zooms on the assassins face and tells the staff the signs on a person's face when they are about to commit a premeditated murder. Cal plays a video of a girl about to go on a shooting rampage at her school and a clip of a man that Cal says is a Basque separatist just before he detonated explosives strapped to his chest. He tells the team that the expressions on the people's faces are similar.

Secret Service Agent Paul Aronson introduces himself to the Korean Embassy staff and says that he is assigned to protect Ambassador Park Jung Soo. He says that Park announced that he will run for president in South Korea. He says that they received chatter about an assassination attempt that might take place during Park's son Won He's wedding. Paul tells the staff that Cal is there to help them with analyzing people's micro expressions.

A Korean employee tells the Lightman group that Koreans usually don't show emotion because it is undignified. Gillian explains that Koreans believe that it is rude to look people in the eye when they talk to them. Gillian says that the expressions on people's faces are involuntary and culture plays no role. Cal tells the staff that they must react if they see a person with an expression similar to what is on the videos.

Gillian introduces her husband Alex to Paul. Alex tells Gillian that he has to leave after the ceremony to cover a meeting. Cal tells Eli and Ria to go to watch people at the metal detectors. Ria tells Cal that Alex is lying to Gillian. Cal tells Ria that it is none of her business.

Han Yong-Dae, the ambassador's assistant, brings Cal and Gillian to Park's office. Park asks Cal if he is sure that they can find the assassin. Cal says that the only way to make sure is to cancel the wedding. Park says that he doesn't want to. Cal sees that Park becomes uncomfortable when he talks about Han being armed. Park tells Cal that he needs him to keep his wife and his son safe.

Ria and Eli see a man walk through the metal detector with a scared look. They pull him aside and ask him what he is hiding. The man tells Ria and Eli that he knows that they are part of the Secret Service. An agent steps forward and tells the man to do what Ria and Eli ask. The man shows the team that he brought drugs to the party. Later, Eli tells Ria that he thinks the agent likes her.

Cal asks Gillian if he caught Park's expression when he spoke about Han. Cal says that he doesn't like weddings. The wedding couple is introduced then enter the reception room. Gillian watches Han bow to Won He and tells Cal that it looks like it was off. Cal's team watches the party goers as Park gives a speech. A man gets up out of his seat and Cal tells the Paul that he was just angry and not intending to hurt anyone.

During a slideshow, Cal notices a man get up and reach into his jacket. Cal points him out and the Secret Service act to subdue him. A shot rings out and Won He is hit.

Won He is loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Cal and a Korean employee question the man. The man says that South Korea should not join the North. Cal tells Paul that he doesn't believe that the man shot the Won He. Paul says that he didn't find a gun. Gillian sees that the Korean only had a lighter and a water bottle. Cal smells the liquid in the bottle and realizes that it is gasoline. Gillian says that she thinks that the man was about to burn himself as a protest.

Gillian tells Cal that she thinks the man who shot Won He probably has a long repressed anger. Carl, a Service Agent, meets with Ria and tells her that Paul assigned him to her. Ria sees that he is lying and tells him that she knows that he requested to work with her himself.

Cal and Gillian meet with the bride Phoebe at the hospital. Gillian asks Phoebe if her husband told her about anyone who wanted to hurt him. Cal watches Phoebe's eyes flutter before she says anything and asks her what she was just thinking. Phoebe says that she does not know. A nurse arrives and tells Phoebe that she can see her husband. Cal tells Gillian that he thinks Phoebe is hiding something. Gillian says that Phoebe might just be freaked out.

Eli meets with the videographer and asks for the video. The videographer says that his contract forbids him from handing over the video. Eli tells the man that he thinks he is lying. He says that he thinks he is going to try to sell the video if it contains the shooting. The videographer finally gives Eli the tape.

Cal and Gillian meet with Park. While shaking his finger, Park tells them that politics was behind the attack. After Park leaves, Cal tells Gillian that Park was lying.

Eli gives the Lightman team the videos and tells them to find smiles containing either fear, anger or contempt. Ria questions the best man, Garret and thinks that he is hiding something.

Alex meets with Gillian and asks her to walk him out of the building. Gillian says that if she walks him out, other people will try to leave to. Alex tells Gillian nevermind. Ria meets with Cal and Gillian and tells them about Garret. They examine a video shot during a dinner and see that Garret is scratching his eye with his middle finger during his toast. Gillian tells the team that it is a gestural emblem, a unconscious gesture with a specific meaning. Gillian asks Eli to load up videos of Obama when he speaks of McCain and Rumsfield when he is asked by a reporter about his legacy. Cal tells the team that the gesture is a sign of hostility.

Cal meets with Garret and asks him if he is angry at Park's son. Gillian asks him to help them find the person who hurt Won He. Garret says that Won He owes him money and has a gambling problem. Garret says that he was angry when he gave Won He money that he thought was going to debts, but later found that Won He gambled it away.

A man tries to leave the building but is stopped by Carl. Ria watches the man tell Carl that he can have his job because he is a special counsel for the White House. Ria asks the man to give her his contact number at the White House. Ria tells the man that she knows he is lying.

Cal asks Phoebe about Won's gambling problem. Phoebe says that Won has not made any debts in a while. Park, who is accompanied by Han, tells Cal that he paid Won's debt. Cal loudly describes Won as a spectacular son. Cal walks by Han and pats him on the shoulder. Cal tells Gillian that Han has contempt for Won. Gillian says that Han gave Won a shallow bow, which is a sign of disrespect. Cal tells Gillian to gather Han and Park at the reception hall. Cal passes Alex, who is talking on his phone, in the hallway. Alex tells Cal that he needs to get out of the building. Alex says that his job will be on the line if he doesn't leave. Cal tells Alex that he doesn't believe him.

The guests at the reception start to lose control. Cal asks Carl to bring Paul to the reception hall. Cal arrives at the reception hall and shoots a gun in the air. Cal tells Park that the gun is full of blanks that he got from the Secret Service. Cal tells Park that after he fired the gun he saw him move in front of Han. Cal asks Park if Han is his son. Cal figures that Han is his son. Han tells Park to admit the truth. Cal asks Park if he thinks Han tried to kill Won. Park tells Han that he knows that he always hated Won. Han says that he didn't shoot Won He. Han says that he does his job to protect Park, Won he and Phoebe. Han says that he took Phoebe to meet a man and made him swear not to tell anyone.

The team examine the video taken at the wedding dinner. Cal tells Carl to bring Phoebe to the room. They watch the wedding vows and see Phoebe shrug her shoulder when she states her name. They figure that Phoebe is lying about her name. Ria tells the team that no one really knew Phoebe more the three years. They figure that Phoebe might be hiding a secret life. Gillian figures that someone might be have threatened Phoebe. Carl and Paul arrive and tell the team that Phoebe has left the building. Cal examines the photos of the guests and figure that none of them are the shooter. Cal tells the team to let the guests go.

Cal brings the camera team into the conference room. He tells them that they were not the only people not in the video. Cal confronts Howard, the director of the camera team, and says that he can see in his face that he is angry about the wedding. Howard tells Cal that he was married to Phoebe. Later, Paul tells Park that Howard was in the military and that he tracked Phoebe down a few months ago. Phoebe arrives and tells the team that she had no idea Howard was at the wedding. She says that she never meant to lie to anyone. She tells Park to tell Won He that she is sorry. Park tells Phoebe that Won He is awake and is asking for her. Park and Phoebe walk down the hall. While passing by Han, Park stops and bows to him.

Later, Carl meets with Ria and asks her if she wants to get a drink. Ria says that she doesn't think it would be a good idea. Carl says that he knows what she is capable of. Ria says that she likes him and knows that their relationship will become complicated. Carl says that he is fine with what they might get into.

Gillian tells Cal that she had to tell Alex that she could not get him out of the building. Gillian says that she has to make it up to Alex.

I have a problem with the motivation of the team. They were contracted to examine the guest that are arriving. After the ceremony was abruptly ended, there was no reason for the team to stay. I'm sure that Cal doesn't have anything better to do, but to keep his staff on the clock to investigate who shot Won he doesn't make sense. If the show would elaborate on how Cal's group was being paid, I think that it would be a little more enjoyable. As it is, I think I would rather watch a circular saw cut into my eye. This is one of the more painful shows to watch. The combination of the arrogance, ridiculousness of the situations, unrealistic authority given to the group and the constant accusations made by the group that the tertiary characters are lying makes my head hurt. I find myself wanting to not believe any expertise that the group has. I question every analysis that the group makes. At the beginning of the episode, Cal shows a video of a Basque suicide bomber and a teenage Columbine-like gunwoman to explain his theory on facial expressions given by people that are about to harm others. In reality, I seriously doubt there was ever a case of these two examples. Another doubt that I had during the episode is when Gillian, with a sense of authority, claims that Koreans don't like to look people in the eye. A few seconds later, the Korean ambassador addresses Cal and Gillian directly in their eyes. The '*' that they show at the beginning of the show should give the disclaimer that everything that will be shown during the next hour comes from the writer's a**.

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