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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 05 | "Unchained" (Освобождение)

Ria and Cal ride to a prison to find out if a murderer named Manny Trillo deserves to be pardoned by the governor. Cal watches Manny in the gen pop and tells the Lt. Governor to get Manny out of the situation. A fight breaks out and Manny is stabbed in the neck. The guards order the men on the ground.

Meanwhile, Eli and Gillian go to a fire station and meet with Mike Adams. They see a vigil to a firefighter who was killed on the job. Mike takes the detectives to meet with the firefighter's father, Mr. Mitchell. They tell him that they will find out what happened to his son Eric. Mike tells the detectives that Eric was dead before the fire got to him which makes them think it was murder. Gillian tells Mike that it will be difficult to interview the firefighters because they have a group cohesion. Gillian tells Mike that they will be watching him question the firefighters instead.

Gillian and Eli watch the firefighters give their statements about what happened the night Eric was killed. They all give the same story. Gillian points out that all the men responded to the question in less than a second. Eli explains that lies usually come quicker than the truth. Gillian tells Mike that all the men are lying about what happened.

Cal learns that this is the second attempt on Manny's life. The Lt. governor tells Cal that they want to make sure Manny is telling the truth about not returning to gang life before they pardon him. Cal and Ria meet with Manny. He tells them about his passion for reading. Manny tells them that he realizes that he caused a lot of pain and regrets what he did. Cal eats his lunch while Manny talks about his plans upon release. Manny tells Cal that his life is in their hands.

Gillian talks to Ria and Cal about Manny. Cal points out that Manny was offended when Cal disrespected him by talking with his mouth full. Gillian sees that Manny is truly ashamed of his past. Gillian suggests they compare his expressions to old videos of him. Gillian then takes Cal aside and argue about whether or not Ria should be on the case since she has strong feelings of anger towards Manny.

Cal then meets with Eli and Gillian and looks at the firefighter interviews. Cal notices one of the men, Doug Donovan, is showing remorse and they think he might be likely to tell the truth out of guilt.

The firefighters respond to a fire alarm. Doug sees one of his men down and carries him out of the building. Doug then finds out that it was his chief that he rescued. Eli and Gillian walk out and ask Doug why he was able to save the chief, but not Eric. Doug says he was supposed to pull him out, but the flames already got to him. Doug says he's just as guilty as the other guys. Gillian ask who the other guys are and Doug says the guys who hazed him.

Eli and Gillian tell the chief about the hazing. He says that it has always gone on as a process to find out who the real men are. He says there is a line and he knows his men wouldn't have crossed it. Gillian tells Eli about the importance of hazing, but Eli isn't buying her reasoning. They then see a female firefighter who looks like she has a secret she wants to tell.

Cal meets with Ria who is looking over old tapes of Manny. Cal notices that Manny's emotional pallet is different from before he was in prison. Cal tells Ria he is surprised she didn't notice. Ria tells Cal that she thinks Manny is a con and he will make the streets worse if he is released. Cal tells Ria that people are capable of change. They are then informed that Holly, the widow of the man killed by Manny, is going to speak on Manny's behalf at the parole board.

Gillian meets with the female firefighter. She tells Gillian that she doesn't think anyone meant to hurt Eric. She says the guys will kill her if they find out she is talking about what happened. She then shows Eli and Gillian video of Eric's hazing. They notice that one of the firefighters, Wallace, looks at Eric with intense disgust during the video.

Holly tells the parole board that she hated Manny, but then she bought his book. She says she was shocked by how it changed the way she looked at things. Holly says she believes Manny has changed. Cal notices that Holly doesn't believes what she is saying. Cal shows the governor how Holly shook her head no when she was asked if Manny had changed. Cal says that he thinks Holly wants to believe that Manny changed, but Ria thinks Manny had one of his thugs threaten her.

Eli and Gillian bring Wallace in and ask what he had against Eric. He says that he was a fireman for nine years and had no problems. He says that after Eric was hazed, he went to the higher ups and complained. Wallace says they gave Eric peanut butter after finding out he had an allergy, but it didn't kill him. Wallace says someone tampered with Eric's equipment. Gillian asks who the racist was that messed with Eric's equipment. Wallace refuses to tell. Eli and Gillian tell Mike about their findings and say they want to put the company through an experiment.

Ria shows Gillian Holly's statements. Gillian thinks Ria may be right about Manny threatening her. Gillian asks to see Holly's response to why she is coming forward. They see that Holly is expressing fear as she answers. Cal meets with Manny and asks if he had someone threaten Holly. Manny makes a face and says he is not threatening Holly. Cal tells Manny he knows he is lying. Manny then confesses that he is working undercover. Ria says she doesn't believe him. She says he just wants to get out so he can take control of his gang again.

Eli assembles all the firemen in a room and asks them to assign adjectives to faces they see. Gillian explains that the test is designed to weed out racists. They find that a fireman named David is taking the longest to assign positive adjectives to African Americans. They then question him and he says he isn't racist. He says he didn't have a racial problem with Eric. He then says that Eric couldn't keep it in his pants. Gillian asks if David was angry that Eric was dating a white woman.

Gillian and Eli talk to Eric's dad. He says he didn't know Eric was dating a white girl. He then remembers that he saw a woman who was upset after Eric died. He says it was Kerry, the chief's niece.

Cal and Ria argue about Manny. Ria tells Cal that he knows Manny is violent. Cal tells Ria to stop making the case personal. Ria denies it at first, then says that she knows violent people and they don't change. Cal decides to call the Lt. governor and have him announce Manny's release. Cal then says that they should have the cops follow Manny.

Kerry tells Gillian about meeting Eric. She says they dated and he asked her to marry him. She says they kept their relationship a secret. She says Eric put in for a transfer so it would be easier for them to be together. Jack watches the video and says he had no idea about their relationship. Eli plays back the tape and points out Jack's surprise when he heard about the relationship. Eli then shows Lieutenant Tom Clayton's reaction of anger. Tom says he was just following the code and is arrested.

Manny is greeted by a group of men when he is released from prison. The police then pull up as Manny is approached by Holly who is holding a gun. Cal tells Holly that he found out she had just bought a gun. Holly raises the gun and points it at Manny. He tells Holly that he understands her feelings. He convinces her to put down the gun as he apologizes for killing her husband.

Cal goes to Ria and gives her Manny's book. He apologizes for asking if her dad abused her. He says she is right that most people don't change, but there are a few that can. Cal then tells Ria her abuse gave her the ability to read emotions. Cal says he had to learn his skills. Ria asks who made him who he is now and Cal is silent.

I think I was making the same face that Manny made when Cal was talking with his mouth full. I thought it was a little bit of stretch to use that to determine if Manny still had the mentality of a gang leader who deserves respect. I think Cal was just being gross. Cal could have saved some time if he had looked into Holly's gun purchase before she testified to the parole board. I think her buying a gun illustrated her intentions and feelings more than her eyebrows. Sometimes I think the detectives focus way too much on the minute details that and end up missing the obvious. I still have a hard time with the premise of the show. I just don't think there would be that many people who would hire investigators to examine facial expressions to determine if a person is lying. I can't imagine that there is any guarantee that comes with Cal's services and he seems to disagree with his co-investigators on a regular basis.

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