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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 06 | "Do No Harm" (Не навреди)

After reporting her missing, two parents are accused of killing their eleven year old daughter. They hire Cal and the team. The parents, Lorraine and Peter, tell Cal that they adopted Samantha. Peter, the girl's father shows Cal a traffic camera picture taken of Samantha. The parents say that they offered a reward for the return of Samantha. The parents ask Cal to figure out which tipster they should follow. Cal asks the Peter if he killed his daughter. He tells them that they didn't. Cal says that he believes him and agrees to take their case.

Outside of the home, Cal tells a reporter that they are investigating a man seen at the Happy Dragon restaurant in China Town. Cal tells Gillian that the story should give them some privacy.

Meanwhile, a publisher asks Eli and Ria to investigate the life of a refugee named Farida Mogisha. She tells them that she needs to know if Mogisha killed anyone while Mogisha was married to a murderous officer. She tells the team to make sure that Mogisha does not know that she is being investigated.

John Hughes, a detective assigned to Samantha's case, meets with Cal and Gillian in their office. Cal goes to the lobby and sees that there is a room full of tipsters. Cal announces that the reward the family has offered has been withdrawn. Several people leave. Cal then asks the people who have information regarding a man who was arrested to raise their hand. He then tells the people who raised their hand to leave. Gillian tells John that Cal is making up stories to weed out people who do not really have information. One of Samantha's classmates tells Cal that a boy named Walter would watch Samantha. Cal and Gillian goes to Walter's house. Cal asks Walter if he has a lot of friends. Walter's mom tells Cal that Walter has a picture of him with Samantha. Cal runs into Walter's room and looks around. Cal asks Walter if he is getting warm with the thing that Walter is trying to hide. Cal goes into the closet and digs around. Walter's father tells Cal that he needs to get a warrant and must leave immediately. Cal says that he is not with the police. Cal finds a backpack with Samantha's name in Walter's closet and asks the boy why he has it.

John meets Cal and Gillian at the house. Cal and Gillian ask John to open the bag. He looks in it and finds a wad of cash. Cal tells John that Walter seemed surprised to see what is in the bag. Walter says that Samantha asked him to keep the bag for him. Walter says that he thinks that Samantha wanted to get away from her dad. Along with the wad of cash, Cal sees a card for a psychiatrist. Cal and Gillian meet with the psychiatrist. She says that has to be careful about what information she gives out. Cal asks the psychiatrist if Samantha was abused. Cal sees the psychiatrist move her hand and tells her that he thinks that Samantha was abused.

Eli and Ria meet with Mogisha. Eli tell Mogisha that he read her book and that he admires her for her peaceful resistance. Mogisha tells Eli to bring her book later so she can sign it. Mogisha tells them that she needs to get ready for her speech, then leaves.

Cal and Gillian goes to Samantha's house. Cal gets a call and tells the parents that it is his daughter. Cal stands up and calls her daughter a b*****. Gillian tells Cal that the parent's reacted like they were not abusive. Lorraine says that she tried to hold Samantha but she pushed her away. She says that Samantha had an accident in the kitchen with the stove, but she didn't tell her husband about it. Later, Gillian tells John that they have to consider that Samantha ran away. John says that if Samantha got burned, she probably needs to continue medical treatment. John says that he will check the hospital.

Mogisha Gives her presentation. She says that in her country, she was made a rebel officer's wife where she witnessed rape and torture. Eli says that it looks like Mogisha looked a little nervous. Eli has Mogisha sign her book for him. Eli tells Mogisha that he didn't go with Ria to her speech as a date. Later, they meet with the publisher and tell her that it doesn't seem like Mogisha killed anyone. Ria says that she has a bad feeling about Mogisha and wants to investigate her further. The publisher says that she got the information that she needed. Eli tells Ria that Mogisha gave him her phone number.

John brings a suspect to the office. John says that the man has a record of rape and was found going to a burn clinic. Cal looks at the man and sees that he has a secret. The man tells Cal that he has never seen Samantha. Cal tells the man that he knows that he is lying. The man says that he never touched her. Cal tells the man that he doesn't think that he is attracted to her, but knows that he has seen her. Cal sees that the man is sweating. Cal tells the man that he is frail. The man says that he takes castration drugs so he won't hurt any more children. The man says that he saw Samantha at the burn center.

Ria sees Mogisha meet Eli at the office. Mogisha sees a board of faces and asks what they are. Eli tells Mogisha that the faces tell the truth about a person's emotions. Eli takes Mogisha out on a date.

John and Cal wait in front of the burn clinic. They spot Samantha and grab her. Samantha is brought back to the office. Samantha's parents arrive and give her a hug. Samantha tells her parents that her name is Jessica and that she needs to get home before her curfew. Cal says that Samantha showed strong emotion when she said that her name is Jessica. Gillian tells John that it seems like Samantha is protecting her abductor out of fear.

Ria plays a video of Mogisha. Ria says that Mogisha seems like she was lying about her life story. Ria says that she watched them when they met in the office and saw that Mogisha seemed nervous when Eli told her what he does for a living. Ria says that she wants to contact Mogisha's publisher.

Gillian tells Lorraine to talk to Samantha. Lorraine tells Gillian that she doesn't know what it is like to be a mother. Gillian says that she adopted a baby, but the mother took her back before the adoption was finalized. Gillian tells Lorraine to tell Samantha that she loves her no matter what. Cal tells Lorraine that they need to get Samantha to trust her so she will tell them her secret. Lorraine goes into the room and tells Samantha that she will always be her mother and that she loves her. Samantha cries and gives Lorraine a hug. Samantha tells Lorraine that she is sorry. Samantha says that she was worried about Heather, another girl that was taken. Samantha tells Cal that she can't tell him where she was. She says that the man let her go outside, but never at the same time. She says that Heather is still at the man's house.

Eli goes on a date with Mogisha at a museum. Eli tells Mogisha that he rarely goes on dates. Eli tells Mogisha that Ria thinks she is lying when she gives her speech. Eli sees Mogisha touch her ear and asks if she is lying. Mogisha says that she would never make up a story. Mogisha says that there is violence in her country and that no one listened until she gave the violence a face. Mogisha admits that she made up her story. Mogisha asks Eli what he is going to do.

John finds a girl in the database that was also found missing. Cal sits down with Samantha and asks her questions. Cal watches Samantha as he asks her if the person who took her is her psychiatrist. Cal sees Samantha swallow and thinks that the psychiatrist is the person who abducted her. The police go to the psychiatrist's house and discover that she is gone.

John finds a picture of the psychiatrist's daughter who died several years ago. Gillian tells John that she thinks that the psychiatrist is trying to replace her daughter. Gillian asks John where the daughter was killed. They go to the lake and find the psychiatrist with a gun next to her. They see Heather laying down with her head on the psychiatrist's lap. The psychiatrist grabs her gun and says that she is a good mother. She starts to cry and drops the gun. The police run to the psychiatrist and arrest her.

Later, Eli meets with Ria and tells her that she told Mogisha's publisher about her lie. Eli says that the publisher is pulling Mogisha's book off the shelves. Eli says that Mogisha still met with him after she knew what he did for a living. He says that he thinks that Mogisha wanted to get caught.

This was a terrible case. The circumstances of events that leads to the team meeting with the psychiatrist is ridiculous. Why would a eleven year old girl leave a bag with cash with a boy? Why would she wrap her psychiatrists' business card in this wad of cash? Why would the psychiatrist let the girl go out in public after only holding her for a few weeks? It would take years for a person to develop a devotion to their captor. The show makes it appear that a person would develop a Stockholm like syndrome after just a few hours of captivity. I also felt like this show is absolutely unoriginal. Law and Order: SVU played out the same scenario, but the difference was that the NBC version was one hundred times better and more believable. There is something about this show that makes me doubt the storyline, criminal motivation and the team's expertise in 'lie detection'. I doubt that an institution would be profitable by dedicating more man hours after the safe return of a daughter for a client that only wanted their daughter back. I doubt that the parents would pay out a bonus for finding the daughter's kidnapper. I admit that I feel annoyed while watching it. I find myself questioning the science and the very premise of the show.

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