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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 07 | "The Best Policy" (Наилучшая политика)

A brother and sister drive out into the desert in Yemen. Marcus shows his sister Nicole that he has a bag of marijuana, but she tells him to put it away. A convoy of military vehicles pass their vehicle and stop them. The soldiers get out of the car and have the brother and sister lay face down on the ground. The soldiers find the marijuana and put the siblings into the truck. Later, they are forced to make an apology tape for drug trafficking. The parents of the siblings hire Cal's group to watch the body language of the Yemen officials during the negotiation for the sibling's release. Eli tells the parents that they negotiated the release of two other people.

Ria meets with Jeffrey Buchanan, a friend of Cal. He tells Ria that Cal used to be a pathological liar when he was younger. Cal arrives and gives Jeffrey a hug. He tells Ria that Jeffrey used to be the Surgeon General. Jeffrey asks Cal for some help and introduces him to Erika, a woman who runs a pharmaceutical company called Ribocore. He says that someone stole the formula for Priox, an insulin medication. Erika tells Cal that if Priox is made incorrectly, the users will become sick. Cal meets with three employees who he says he suspects might be the person who sold the formula to a rival company. Cal says that they found fingerprints on the keyboard of the computer that had the formula. A female chemist says that they can check her for fingerprints. Cal tells the other two employees that they can leave. Cal and Ria tell the woman that the thief used gloves and would know that her fingerprints would not be on the keyboard. The woman admits to accessing the computer. She says that she didn't want to leak the formula. She says that she wanted to access data about Priox. She says that the drug that is on the market and hurting people is the real Priox.

Cal meets with Jeffrey as he gets ready to go on Larry King Live. Cal gives Jeffrey a data sheet that he got from the chemist that shows Priox is dangerous. Jeffrey says that he doesn't think that Erika would release a harmful drug. Jeffrey says that he has known Erika for years and that he shouldn't trust a chemist that he just met. He tells Cal that he will take care of the situation.

Gillian goes to her husband Alex's office at the State Department. Alex's secretary nervously tells Gillian that he is out for lunch. Gillian sits down with the State Department official and the Yemen Ambassador Hassan. Gillian says that she would like to talk to Deputy Ambassador Rafik. Later, the official says that they are wasting their time with Rafik. Gillian says that from her study of Arab culture, she knows that Rafik is the most important person from the delegation. Eli plays a tape of the conference and says that he sees that the official is trying to hide something. Gillian says that she knows that he wants Nicole released more than Marcus. Gillian asks Eli to examine Marcus's tapes to see what he can pick up.

Cal finds that Gillian is going to go out to dinner with Alex. Ria tells Cal that Gillian is covering for her husband. Cal tells Ria that they shouldn't use their abilities on each other. Ria tells Cal that Gillian is his friend. Cal says that if Gillian wants to say anything, she will go to him. Cal asks Ria how many people she trusts and she says six. Cal says that when she gets to his age, there will be only be three. Cal's secretary walks in and shows him that the chemist has been arrested. Cal meets with Jeffrey and tells him that he can't believe that she had the chemist arrested. Jeffrey tells Cal that he was hired to find out who accessed the file and not to investigate the company. Jeffrey says that the chemist had a large sum of cash wired to her offshore account and it appears that she sold the formula to another company.

Cal meets with the chemist in jail. She says that she sold the formula, but when she found out that the drug was hurting people, she had a change of heart and wanted to make the information public. She tells Cal to go to the company that tested the drug.

Cal and Ria go to the lab of the drug testing company. The director tells Cal that Ribocore fired his company when they found that the drug hurt people. Later, Ria tells Gillian that she found that a person who was hurt by Priox just had a stroke. Gillian tells Cal to watch a video of Nicole and Marcus. Cal sees that Nicole is slurring on purpose. Gillian brings Nicole's parents to the building. They show them a video of a soldier that was forced to apologize when he was captured during the Gulf War. Gillian says that the military are trained to speak slowly to signal that their captors haven't broken them yet. Gillian tells the parents that she thinks that Nicole was a spy.

Gillian meets with the State Department official and says that she knows that Nicole is a spy. The official says that the Yemen officials called and told them that they will release one prisoner. He says that Nicole has information that they need. Gillian sees that Nicole's father is in her office. A friend of the father, that works for the Red Cross, shows Gillian photos of Marcus who was severely beaten. The father says that Marcus is going to be sentenced then executed. He begs Gillian to get Marcus out of the country.

Cal and Ria meet with Erika at the Ribocore office. Cal says that he was contacted by a reporter and he wanted to run some things by her before the interview. Cal asks Erika what the difference is between the real and fake drug. Erika tells Cal that the difference is proprietary and that she will contact the reporter herself. Ria asks about the study that the testing company produced. Erika tells them to leave her office. Later, Cal tells Ria that Erika bit her lip everytime he went after her. Cal calls and makes an appointment with an FDA official. The official tells Cal that Jeffrey pushed for the approval of Priox. Cal tells Ria that he wants to make sure Jeffrey was aware of the drug's side effects before he tries to bust him.

Gillian and Eli watch video of Rafik when he was at the conference. Gillian says that Rafik is very concerned that he is seen as the leader. She says that they might be able to use his personality to their advantage. Gillian meets Eli at his office. He tells her that Jeffrey was there for him in the past. Ria walks in and says that she found a video of Erika when she spoke about the study of the drug. Ria sees that Erika bites her lip everytime she speaks of the study. They see Jeffrey look down during the presentation and figure that he feels guilty. Cal thinks that Jeffrey knew about the harmful side effects of Priox.

Cal meets with Jeffrey in his office and tells him that the FDA knows about the study that the company tried to cover up. Cal tells Jeffrey that he knows he is involved with the release of the drug. Jeffrey says that he feels guilty because he is having an affair with Erika. Cal tells Jeffrey to stay away from Erika because she is going to jail. Jeffrey thanks him for his advice, then leaves.

The State Department official and Gillian meet with Rafik. The official says that in exchange for the release of Nicole and Marcus, they would like to invite him to an event. They tell him that the President will honor his country and that he will be seated right next to him.

Jeffrey and Erika meet while Cal and the FBI photograph and listen in on their conversation. Jeffrey tells Erika that they need to talk. Erika says she didn't doctor the report. Jeffrey tells her that the report doesn't seem like it was real because there are no reports of any side effects. Erika admits that she was in a rush and pushed out the drug. Cal and the authorities enter the room and arrest Erika. Cal shows Jeffrey that he placed a bug on him when he was in his office. Later, Jeffrey tells Cal that he should have told him what he was going to do. Jeffrey says that he could count on one hand how many people he can trust. Jeffrey says that Cal was one of them.

Gillian and Cal watch Yemen's announcement that they are going to release Marcus and Nicole. Gillian gets a phone call from her husband. She tells him that she understands that they will not be able to meet for dinner. Gillian tells Cal that she spends her day at the State Department while he spends his nights there. Gillian asks Cal if he wants to go out for dinner. He says that he has to take care of something. Cal goes to the State Department and sees Alex go into a car with a woman and give her a hug.

This was one of the better Lie to Me episodes of the season, but this is not saying much. The case involving the Yemen prisoners was ridiculous. Citizens of the United States can expect to be held if convicted in the country for drug trafficking, but the U.S. would never allow them to execute one. It would be an international disaster if they actually went through with it. The other case involving Cal's friend was just as unbelievable. No court would allow the audio evidence obtained by a private citizen placed on a person who was unknowingly bugged. In real life, if the authorities would take Erika to court, they would have to throw out the evidence and possibly have her walk. Good job Cal.

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