Сериал Обмани меня / Теория лжи / Lie to me
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Сезон 1 | Эпизод 11 | "Undercover" (Под прикрытием)

Two men restock a vending machine. One of them says that he had a date. They see a man with a red bag pack and realize that he is the one that they are looking for. The men announce that they are undercover police and chase after the man. The man shoots at the police while running towards the rooftop of a building. One of the officers shoots the man after he takes his hand out of his pocket.

Meanwhile, Cal has dinner with Gillian and her husband Alec. Gillian drives off. Alec says that he needs to work late, but Cal doesn't believe him. Cal follows and sees him meet with a blonde girl. Cal approaches Alec and Alec says that the woman is named Christine. Christine says that she is one of Alec's friends. Cal gets a text to go to the mayor's office.

Cal finds an angry mob in front of the building. A police officer meets with Cal and Ria and brings them inside. The officer says that two men shot a man named Andre. The officer says that two officers, Eric and Adam, were involved in the incident.

Cal talks to the detectives. They tell Cal that the shooting was justified. Cal watches the interview video and tells the officers their statements seemed rehearsed. He says that he thinks Eric is lying to him while the other seems like he is telling the truth. Cal says that he is not sure what happened on the roof. After Cal leaves the mayor's office, he is photographed by an unknown man in an SUV.

Ria goes home to her boyfriend Dupree. Ria listens to a message from Eli. She tells Ria that Eli did something that might get him fired and she is helping him. Dupree says that real friends don't ask their friends to cover for them.

Gillian says that Eric seems like he has post-traumatic stress. Cal says they need to do a psych analysis of the officers involved.

Cal and Gillian tell the team that they are being sued by a man who was a victim of a ponzi scheme that they helped investigate. Eli meets with Ria alone and tells her that they have to hide the truth from the investigators. Eli says that they need to hide what he did in order to save the institute. Ria says that she hasn't lied enough to be good at it.

Cal meets with Andre's dad at the hospital. He says that Andre smokes on the roof because he is not allowed to smoke in the apartment. Cal sees that Andre's brother is hiding something. He tells Cal that Andre had a gun to protect himself.

The FBI approaches Cal and tells him to get in his car. The agent tells Cal that Eric is actually an undercover agent. The agent says that Adam is part of a domestic terrorist group. The agents tell Cal that they need to back off his investigation. Eric says that the terrorist group might harm many people. Cal asks Eric if Andre had a gun when he shot him. Cal sees that Eric is lying.

Cal and Gillian talk about Eric. Gillian says that they should back off the investigation. She says that she wants to prevent another attack. Cal gets a text. Cal goes back to the office and learns that Andre was photographed robbing a store. Eli tells Ria that the investigators want to talk to her. Ria becomes nervous before the interview starts. Wexler, the investigator, tells Ria to just tell the truth.

Cal examines the photo of Andre. Cal tells Eli that Andre shows no emotion. Cal figures that the photo was fabricated.

Cal meets a friend named Owen with from the FBI and asks him if there is a terrorist group that the FBI is investigating. Owen says that the terrorist group is real. He says that he read that the group plans to blow up buildings. He says that he should back off the investigation.

Eli is interviewed by the investigators. Eli leaves the interview feeling confident that he wasn't caught in a lie. Cal sees Gillian meet with Christine. She says that Christine is just an acquaintance.

Cal meets with Andre and asks him if he owns a gun. Andre says yes, but he threw it away. He says that he didn't have the gun when he was on the roof. He says that he only had cigarettes. Cal tells Gillian that he doesn't think that Andre was armed when Eric shot him. Gillian says that she is worried about the FBI investigation. Cal says that they need to protect the victim in this case.

Dupree goes to the Institute and asks Eli to give Ria a pair of tickets. Dupree sees that Eli covered for Ria. He tells Eli that he told Ria not to cover for him. He says that Ria has a lot to lose.

Gillian tells Cal to turn on the TV. They see a group of protesters complain about the treatment of Andre. Cal asks Gillian about Adam's emotions during the interview. They watch an interrogation with Adam and a neo-nazi and see that Adam has contempt for the suspect. Cal meets with the FBI and tells them that he doesn't think Adam is working for the terrorists. He says that he thinks one of their agents has gone rogue.

Eric is brought into the Institute's interrogation room. Cal tells Eric to talk him about spies. He says that he is a spy that spreads bad information. Cal says that he doesn't think that Eric is working with the terrorists. Cal tells Eric that he thinks he is desperate. Cal tells Eric that he knows that he had a daughter that was a soldier. He says that he knows that his daughter was killed by friendly fire. Cal says that he can understand his anger. Eric says that his daughter deserves the truth. Eric says that the government lied about everything.

The agent tells Cal that Eric gave up more sleepers who were working as EMTs. Cal meets with Adam. He tells him that Eric found out Andre was only carrying a cell phone, so Eric planted a gun on him. Adam tells his captain to tell Andre he is sorry. Eric is arrested.

Later, Cal asks Eli to meet with him in his office. Eli admits that he lied to the investigators. Cal says that the lawsuit was a test. He says that he wanted to test if Ria was going to be loyal. Cal tells Eli that he can continue to work for him, but only as an unpaid intern.

Gillian tells Cal that Christine is Alec's sponsor. She says that Alec had a drug problem then relapsed. Gillian tells Cal that she knows he thought Alec was having an affair. Gillian tells Cal that they should not use their abilities to look into each other's lives.

Although Christine is Alec's sponsor, I think he is still having an affair with her. Alec was secretly running away from both Gillian and Cal. If this is true, I would be disappointed if Gillian doesn't know.

I thought that the internal investigation was not believable. I don't think a business would waste so much resources just to test an employee's loyalty. I think if Cal really had 'abilities,' he would be able to figure out that Ria was loyal without the need to spend money on actors and equipment. If Eli returns to work for Cal, it would diminish the believability of the show. I doubt that anyone would willingly work for a repulsive person like Cal for free. If he wanted to do more good, he should volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

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